Planning and Conservation

Most projects in the front garden are covered by ‘permitted development rights’ and do not require Planning Permission.

However, this is not always the case: if you live in a flat, for example, or if your house is in a Conservation Area.

There are also a host of Regulations governing off-street car parking, dropped kerbs, water run-off management and trees.

It is always best to make sure that your plans will not be caught by any of these.

If you live in a Conservation Area, your property is likely to be governed by an ‘Article 4 Direction’. This removes the usual permitted rights and often sets out additional rules governing any change to the property, both inside and out. Invariably you will need Planning Permission before you can proceed.

We have extensive experience of working in Conservation Areas and dealing with all manner of Planning issues.

We are able to advise you how best to comply with any rules and regulations governing your project and, if required, prepare all the necessary documents in order to make a successful Planning Application on your behalf.

And then, of course, we have the expertise and knowledge to produce a new front garden which meets all the criteria for elegance and authenticity that the Conservation Area is designed to promote.